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Plenty of fungi are appearing in the parish. Unfortunately a lot of the specimens are as shown -honey fungus, that kills tree roots. The only good thing is you can eat the young specimens if well cooked, but be very careful about identification. Contact Councillor Mansfield for advice on edibility.



Welcome to Wye

The Parish Council consists of eleven elected councillors* who meet every month (usually on the first Thursday) to discuss issues affecting the immediate area and its inhabitants. These meetings are open to the public. Agendas and minutes are posted on this website. The Council Office, where the clerk can be contacted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings, is situated in the neighbouring parish of Brook. An annual general meeting, where councillors provide a summary of the year’s activities in the village, takes place in mid-May. The village is currently conducting a Neighbourhood Plan - please follow the yellow link for more information about this important development.


The Council also oversees the activities of the Wye Children’s Playing Field Charity (302898) and has representation on the Wye Village Hall and Recreation Ground Charity (number: 302899).

Wye also has an active business association, a village discussion forum, a farmers’ market, and a food festival.

*Wye Parish Council currently has a vacancy. If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor please contact the Clerk for details.

This home page contains breaking news and important statements about ongoing issues. The date of posting on the site is noted. Please note that the format of the site has recently been changed by KCC and we have lost some information. Various pages are currently being updated. If you require specific information aout any item please contact the Parish Clerk. 

BREAKING NEWS..............

Neighbourhood Plan  completed in draft form

The Neighbourhood Plan exhibition last weekend and evening meeting on the 21st were both very well attended. Good discussion was had about the emerging plan that is now in full draft form.  The latest drafts of main text, appendices and numerous background documents will be available in Wye library. The slides used to illustrate aspects of the plan at the meeting are available from the link below. 


Comments received on the drafts so far have been collated for inclusion in our consultation statement. Please send in additional comments to the Clerk. The plan will be now be modified before it is sent out formally for pre-submission consultation. (23/10/2013)


Tony reports on progress with the Wye with Hinxhill Neighbourhood Plan - September 2014

We had a meeting with ABC on 10 September 2014 to consider how we can take the NP on to a conclusion and what would be a reasonable timeline to aim for.

We will make the informal submission on October 3 after the Parish Council meeting on October2. The aim of this is to give ABC a chance to review the document and make comments on it before we go out to formal Regulation 14 consultation. A lot of work is being done now to put everything in place including reviewing our Policies in line with ABC advice.  We have to prepare a Sustainability Assessment as quickly as possible, following the ABC template. ABC will have to complete various  screening processes with Statutory Bodies and we have to have our Evidence Base in place too.

We will hold a public meeting on October 21 to consider the draft Plan following an exhibition on October 18/19.

The Draft submission will then go to the Parish Council on November 6 with its submission to ABC the following day. This draft will go to all the formal consultees as well as the public.   The 6 week Regulation 14 Formal Consultation Process then starts, seeking representations. These will be received by December 23. There is a long list of consultees including neighbouring Parishes and a host of Statutory Bodies and agencies.  The PC then has to consider its response to the comments and representations made and decide what changes to make to the NP. The PC will have to bear in mind that it needs to show a proper response and at the same time make sure what is changed will still pass a referendum of the Parish. This may take some time depending on the comments received, but we would hope to be able to submit the Final NP as soon as we can.  

ABC then have to undertake their own 6 week consultation before it goes to an Examiner. There may be delays at this stage because of the General Election next year.  The worst case scenario is that the election stalls the submission until July.  In this case, the Examiner’s report will be assessed and any changes made by the end of September. This would mean the Referendum would be held by the end of November and the Plan finalised by the end of December 2015.  If it is possible for ABC to deal with the plan before the election then we will reach completion much earlier.  This is a long process – although the Government is trying to reduce the complexity of the regulations it has yet to do so. Because the NP will become a statutory document we have to get it absolutely right and go through the required legal hoops.

The draft Plan we are putting together is as close to the expressed wishes of the Parish as we can reasonably get, bearing in mind that there may be conflicting ideas. We hope it will survive the above process relatively unscathed but we shall see…..

Tony Shoults

Chairman Wye with Hinxhill Parish Council    September 10th  2014



Dedication of the stone commemorating the WW1 airfield in Wye took place Sunday 24th August  at 12.45pm before the opening of the WYE SUMMER FAIR on Churchfield Green 

For full details about this very succesful event contact


WYE2 application approved..................

ABC’s Planning committee met on August 20th and voted to approve the Luckley Field application, subject to some relocation of the proposed dwellings in the North Western corner of the site, alteration of plans to conserve footpaths and enlarge the size of the landscape buffer to protect the countryside.

You can read an extract from the ABC Planning Committee Meeting Minutes here

The changes were made in response to some well-argued comments from Julie Dod who spoke for a resident of Little Chequers. The PC chairman Tony Shoults and our ward member Noel Ovenden also spoke against the proposals to build 25 houses.  Several Borough Councillors were also against the scheme arguing that there were too many houses proposed, but the majority were in favour of approval rather than deferment to allow more well balanced plans to be produced.  It was surprising how little attention was paid to the written objections submitted by villagers.  Approval was not unexpected because the Neighbourhood Plan has not yet been completed although it is given some weight as an emerging document.  There were no objections from Kent Highways or the AONB management group so we were pleased to achieve some modification of what the PC considers to be a poor quality scheme.  With fewer houses and more sensitive treatment of the boundary it would really have improved the edge of the village. (21/08/2014)

For Tony’s speech  Download Here



Parish Council responds to the traffic appraisal in the Masterplan for WYE3   We have already commented in some detail on earlier drafts of the Masterplan (MP) and have circulated a draft of the Traffic section of our Neighbourhood Plan to Imperial and ABC.  Now, we have provided additional comments on the submitted MP document - follow the link below for details.  The latest  MP document does not address our earlier comments or respond to issues raised in the emerging Neighbourhood Plan. (02/08/2014)




Imperial publishes its latest newsletter about WYE3

Imperial plan to submit their Masterplan for the WYE3 site by the end of the month. The newsletter provides an overview of the development proposed. The Parish Council's initial response to the plans is as follows...

The Masterplan newsletter, delivered today, summarises how the dialogue with the Parish has been used to shape the developments proposed. A detailed response will be made by the Council following discussion about all aspects of WYE3. The main stumbling block in the Masterplan remains the number of houses to be built.

The Council asked MLM consultants to predict the queues to be expected if all of the WYE1, 2 and 3 developments go ahead in full.  Much depends on the patterns of opening and closure of the gates.  Using closures recorded on January 7th and 9th indicates the length of queue we might expect in the morning peak. The diagrams below illustrate how the queues are likely to develop.  They show the impact of existing traffic, fallback (representing the time when Wye College was fully active) and the proposed development with 200 houses on WYE3.

Some queues at the crossing are considered acceptable, but the situation becomes severe when queues fail to disperse if vehicles are unable to clear the crossing once the gates have opened.  The Jan 9th closing times illustrate how bad the situation could become at the crossing.  

We conclude that development will have to be constrained to a level that does not cause severe and unacceptable impacts on the life of our village in the AONB.  We also have to consider that long queues (particularly stretching up Bridge St passed the school entrance) would cause unacceptable delays for emergency services entering (ambulance) and also leaving Wye (from the fire station in Little Chequers).

The Parish Council continues to argue for a reduction in the numbers of houses now proposed for WYE1, 2 and 3. We have asked Imperial’s traffic consultants to produce their own modelling data to show the impact of the development they propose, but they seem reluctant to show us their results.(12/06/2014)


The Parish Council has submitted an Objection to application 14/00362/AS, the land off Churchfield Way, WYE1. The summary of the objection comment is as follows.   The Parish Council has reviewed the planning application for the WYE1 site. The proposals presented by Taylor Wimpey (TW) conflict with guidance given within ABC’s Development Plan Document, the Village Design Statement, and emerging Neighbourhood Plan.  The Council objects to the application for the following reasons –

  1. The TW proposals do not address the opportunity to use development of the site to improve the north western boundary of the village through a well-integrated design that improves views into and out of Wye, and provides clear links with the surrounding AONB.
  2.  Layout goes against recommendations provided in the emerging Neighbourhood Plan to maintain and enhance important views.
  3.  Proposals fail to use the historical tree-lined lane as the primary layout generator.
  4.  The number of dwellings proposed, 27, is excessive and exceeds planning guidance.
  5.  Insufficient detail is provided about the access proposed and there will be serious impacts on highway safety because of increased traffic flow on to Churchfield Way.
  6. The road layout is unnecessarily long and complicated for a site of this size.
  7. Parking provision is inadequate.
  8. The plans for window materials do not conform to the guidance given in the Village Design Statement.
  9. No clear reference is made to support for the creation of part of a cycleway and footpath surrounding the village.

Parishioners are encouraged to send in their comments to ABC Planning Dept.  through the website,

….. search for application 00362 or write to - Planning and Development, Application 14/00362/AS, Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent TN231PL.  Several clear objections have already been received from people living nearby who are very concerned about the design of the site,  traffic increase, parking issues and disruption during building. (1/06/2014)

The OUR-PLACE WYE project was launched on April 23rd by Dave Martin.  The library will be the focal point for information and host drop in sessions on Friday May 2nd and May 9th 10.30-11.30. For further info contact or leave your contact details at the library (28/04/2014).


If you wish to receive our newsletters electronically please contact our Clerk Linda Hedley –all she needs is your email address.



Parish Council responds to the latest draft of the Masterplan for WYE3  The Council has now sent in a detailed response to the latest version of the Masterplan. The response is available in full from links below. The critique covers the following points:-

1. Traffic and transport effects of new development - the Council's analysis highlights severe impacts on traffic should the scale of development go ahead.
2. Housing - there is still no justification given for the number of dwellings proposed
3. Footprint for the development of housing at appropriate densities - densities are currently too high and the development still extends too far to the North East.
4. Free School playing field and other constraints - the PC argues that the playing field and not houses should be sited in the Hop Garden. Covenants are not considered
5. The distances involved in the concentric walkable village - the Neighbourhood Plan will use the ChurchSt /Bridge St junction as the centre of the village.  WYE3 sites proposed will extend too far to the north east to allow easy walking to the primary school for example.
6. Phasing of any new development and landscape proposals - more detail is needed on these topics particularly the preservation of views into and out of the village.

In preparing our response we have been able to use results obtained by our traffic consultants MLM and assessment of housing densities made by Mark Hanton. (08/03/2014)

Main Text

Summary of queues predicted given crossing closures recorded in January

UserFiles/file/NP%20docs/FILE1%20masterplan%20data%20baseline.pdf traffic modelling data showing flows recorded by Imperial modelled onto the crossing closures observed on Jan 9th

UserFiles/file/NP%20docs/FILE1A%20masterplan%20baseline%20%2BPBA%20assessment%20for%20WYE3(1).pdf Imperial's predicted traffic levels for the WYE3 development modelled onto Jan 9th closures

UserFiles/file/NP%20docs/CROSSING%20DATA%2009-01-2014.docx Level crossing closure data

UserFiles/file/NP%20docs/housing%20numbers%20Feb%202014.pdf  Housing density analysis




Latest Newsletters  Richard Bartley continues to scoop the official website with his excellent newsletters! The latest documents are available from the links below. If you wish to be added to the emailing list please contact the Clerk with your details. I am sure everyone will agree that they are very valuable publications, complementing the website and filling in important detail. (19/01/2014)

Newsletter 22  

Newsletter 23  

Newsletter 24 




This is the official site for Parish Council information. For more informal updates on activities in Wye and a whole range of local debates, please have a look at wyeweb and Jasper Bouverie's blog.

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